The Start of the Wild Bazaar

To be honest, it’s for our own selfish reasons that we find it so annoying that NetEnt is so skilled at concealing secrets about their upcoming projects. You could be wondering, “Why?” For those of you who are unaware, NetEnt has dominated the iGaming business for a very long time. While other companies are making headway, NetEnt’s legendary games like Dead or Alive, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Gonzo’s Quest have helped secure the company’s place at the top. All of these games remain perennial favorites despite their age.

NetEnt is a slot manufacturing factory with gigantic biceps, capable of making some of the greatest looking games you’ll ever see, regardless of what can be said about the mathematical design, which has been of fluctuating quality as of late. That’s why we get so excited whenever we see new games on the company’s future. You already know how much we enjoy playing slots, but did you realize that we enjoy blogging about them almost as much? But enough small talk for now. Now is a good time to check out Wild Bazaar.

This slot machine has 5 reels, 4 rows, 26 fixed paylines, and a return to player percentage of 96.15%. In other words, nothing out of the ordinary has occurred. It’s accessible on all platforms, with betting limits ranging from $0.20 to $400, and falls in the center of the volatility scale. It’s worth pointing out that NetEnt has accomplished something spectacular. The Max amount button needs to be hit twice while playing at a smaller amount. Our sincere gratitude to NetEnt.

When we take a step back and look at the slot as a whole, we can’t help but feel like we’ve stepped into a Disney cartoon, what with the cartoonish aesthetic and the Aladdin-esque location. In both the active and inactive states, a great deal of nuanced interaction occurs. There’s a little wind blowing across the screen while a fan spins and the radio plays. You’ll find the environment to be rather lovely and relaxing. The setting of the game is a Middle Eastern market, complete with an Arabian village and clear blue sky, as suggested by the game’s name.

Crazed Symbols from the Bazaar

Here, inexpensive trinkets in blue, purple, green, and red depict the low-value symbols. In this section, things start to diverge from the norm. There are four premium chests, each worth the same amount of coins. A win of 7,5 times the bet is awarded for 5 matching symbols throughout a whole pay line. However, as we shall see in the following portion of the review, there is more to it than that.

Features of Wild Bazaar Spins

Wild Bazaar does not use a Scatter symbol, and it does not include a classic bonus round in which you are sent to a different screen with other reels. Instead, the premium symbols are essential, since they trigger one of four Wild Spins features with any winning pay line combination of 3 or more matching chest symbols.

Wild Symbol (Red Chest) That Stacks. Full reel stacks of Wild symbols occur during this bonus.

The Green Chest Symbol is a Colossal Wild. Every single Wild is a 2×2 Colossal icon.

The Pink Heart Symbol, a Linked Wild. When two Wilds occur at opposite ends of a horizontal row, they turn all symbols in the middle, including breast symbols, into Wilds.

X2 Multiplier Wilds – Blue Chest Symbol. All payouts that feature a Wild are doubled.

The nice thing about this game is that you may win all four Wild Spins features in one spin, greatly increasing your chances of getting a complete screen of wilds.

Assume you open four blue chests. This will grant you four free spins with a multiplier of two times. Now, if you get three blue chests during any one of these four respins, you’ll get three more spins added to the current feature. If, however, you get three blue chests and four red chests, you’ll get three spins with the Stacked Wilds AND x2 Multiplier features, followed by one spin with simply the x2 Multiplier Wilds.

Insane Bazaar’s Finale

Wild Bazaar is a video game with some similarities to The Wish Master, a widely played slot machine released by NetEnt in 2014. Both games contain collectible Wilds that may be used in conjunction with one another during the same spin. Wild Bazaar is not a clone and should be evaluated on its own merits, although the similarities end there.

How much fun were we having? Sure and no. Wild Bazaar is obviously a “commercial” game that aims to please a wide variety of players rather than convince purists of the merits of its slot machine gameplay. The Wish Master, on the other hand, was met with similar skepticism before its debut yet went on to become a smashing success across all markets.

Everyone likes Wild symbols, and here you surely get a full healthy dose of them. Although there looks to be a great deal of chests, one thing that disturbed us was how difficult it sometimes was to get a winning combination. While you’re sitting around doing nothing but waiting for the features to activate, the core game might get very boring. Furthermore, although it is possible to hit many full-screen wilds during the course of the respins, the 195x win without the multiplier and 390x with the x2 multiplier are not that thrilling. Unfortunately, this new release from NetEnt seems like a step backward for the company.

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